Michael Cheung is a Canadian singer-songwriter, director, writer, poet and visual artist from Toronto, Canada.

Best known as the frontman and songwriter for the band Supersism, Michael’s solo work is more folk-oriented. Inspired by the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and John Lennon, Michael brings an idiosyncratic rawness to his music, often touching on the topics of love, existentialism and anxiety.

Away from the music, Michael creates experimental, macabre films. Often extremely metaphorical in nature, his films are twisted and dark yet humorous and witty, often with an underlying sardonic tone. His films often have a distinct visual style: high contrast black and white, fisheye lenses and simple titles often created with san-serif fonts.

With brush and paint, Michael’s visual art is best described as manic marks of intense artistic fury. Heavily inspired by pop art, surrealism and neo –expressionism, his body of work is all across the spectrum.

His written work is equal parts Sylvia Plath and Hunter S Thompson.  Brooding, provocative writing accompanied with fast pace, comical, high intensity narratives.



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